Fairy Blackberry Feast

The weather combined with the shady location of the fairy village produced much in the way of grass and moss, but very few flowers this summer. However, a recent foray deeper into the woods brought an abundance of blackberries, so the fairies celebrated with a feast. The festivities were caught on camera by my ten-year-old.

We thought it was rather clever of the fairies to use one of the oyster shells from the beach as a berry bowl. 😉

Weeding for a bunnycake

My four-year-old likes to help me in the garden:

No weeds in the strawberries, Mommy!

While we were pulling weeds, we got to talking, as you do, about what sort of cake the wild bunnies who thrive here would like. I told her that bunnies really like leafy weeds and parsley, so she decided to make a bunnycake:

All cakes have to have flour and sugar, Mommy!

At least she remembered the weeds and parsley… 😉

I hope the bunnies liked it...