Religious liberty goes both ways

I have read the full text of 45’s Executive Order Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty. It is one long dog whistle that translates as, “It’s okay to discriminate against women who have sex and anyone gay, as long as you say it’s about your religion. Oh, and if your church wants to endorse me or give money to my campaign, the IRS will look the other way.”

The thing is, though, that the wording – thanks to the actual First Amendment of the Constitution – is not about any specific religion. Therefore this EO could be the perfect opportunity to hoist the Christian Extremists/Christian Supremacists behind it (like Pence) on their own petard. You see, there are thousands of officially recognized, non-profit religious organizations in the US *that aren’t Christian*. This means that the Church of Satan is now just as free to finance and promote a candidate as the Westboro Baptist Church. I sincerely hope that some of these non-Christian organizations will be brave enough to thoroughly test this EO. If not, I’ll have to found one myself.

Let’s Be Honest

I am sick and tired of the constant misuse of the term “Religious Liberty”. I have a firm, deeply held religious belief that all misogynists and homophobes need to be tasered in the genitals every fourth day after the full moon, yet several laws prevent me from acting in accordance with that belief. Am I complaining that my rights are being violated? No, because I understand things like assault laws.

These “Religious Freedom” or “Religious Liberty” acts are really “Freedom To Discriminate Against Women Who Have Sex And Anyone Gay” acts. They are intended to remove the consequences of violating certain laws (at least for certain types of Christians) – and it is my hope that brave souls in the states that have enacted these vile bits of legislation will step up and proudly open the can of worms. While tasering misogynists and homophobes probably wouldn’t be protected by these acts, I’m thinking the following just might be:

“It is my firm and deeply held religious belief that marriage is between one man & one woman for life. Therefore, I cannot grant you a divorce.”

“It is my firm and deeply held religious belief that contraception is against God’s will, so I must refuse to perform your vasectomy.”

“It is my firm and deeply held religious belief that erectile dysfunction comes from God, so I will not fill your prescription for Viagra.”

“It is my firm and deeply held religious belief that women should not be allowed to drive. Therefore, I refuse to grant you a driver’s license.”

“It is my firm and deeply held religious belief that cloven hoofed animals are unclean, so I will not take your order for a BLT.”

“I will not trim your beard because the Book of Leviticus specifically forbids it.”

Meanwhile, I will remain thankful that I live in Washington State. Some of my acquaintances should also be thankful that I don’t actually own a taser.