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A Australian Green Tree Frog (Photo credit: Wikipedia) In my neck of the woods, the frogs have decided that spring is here to stay, and that it’s time to party. There are a lot of bodies of water around here, so everyone in the neighborhood has gotten used to the yearly amphibian background serenade. In…

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State of the ‘stead

In early February we went to Orlando, courtesy of Mark’s parents. One day was spent here:

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When we returned, I had a lot of planting to catch up on. Here’s the list so far:

February 13 – Onions and shallots (Copra, Red Bull, Candy, Bonilla) in greenhouse
February 22 – Broccoli (Fiesta, Thompson), cabbage (Danish Ballhead), and leeks (Giant Musselburgh) in greenhouse
March 3 – Celery (Giant Red) in greenhouse
March 9 – Tomatoes (Beaver Lodge, Cordova, Frazier’s Gem, Gill’s All Purpose, Heinz 2653, Old German, Oregon Spring, Persimmon, Sweet Million), tomatillos (Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry, Mexican Strain), hot peppers (Early Jalapeno, Habanero, Holy Mole, Mulato Isleno, Relleno Chile, Big Jim), and lettuce (Salad Bowl) in greenhouse
March 10 – Peas (Canoe) and two rows of spinach (Spaulding) in a raised bed (had to stop due to downpour)
March 14 – The remaining rows of spinach (Spaulding) in a raised bed

Today I need to pot up the cabbage and broccoli, and snip any onions that are over three inches high.

I’m pretty sure that both Gracie and Zinnia are pregnant. Prancer is just a sweetie. All three goats have been assiduously testing the garden fences and, as a result, have been confined to their enclosure/playground until Mark and I can correct our obvious mistakes. 😉 Not that they mind, what with the weather being so biblical lately. Madeline lets them out to browse and plays with them during the sun breaks.

Two of our ducks went missing at exactly the same time. Either a pair of predators got them, or they’ve gone to the underbrush to be broody. I will know one way or the other by the first week of April.

We bought three lovely Buff Orpington hens from a nearby acquaintance. That brings the hen total to eight. Rob likes his new ladies. 😉

The frogs tell me it’s Spring

It must be Spring, because the frogs have been singing their courtship songs for over a week now.  The chickens are averaging 6 eggs a day.  In the herb garden, the garlic is up, as are the chives, and the lemon balm is showing new growth.  In the vegetable garden, the Dakota peas have finally started to emerge, along with the Olympia spinach.  In the greenhouse, all the tomatoes have come up except Gill’s All Purpose, but I’ll give that another day or two.  The Copra onion seedlings will need clipping soon, and nearly everything else I started has begun to sprout.  The coolest thing, though, is what greeted me this afternoon as I opened the greenhouse door to bring in the seed potatoes for chitting.  The Meyer lemon blossoms have begun to open, and the fragrance is heady – sweet and tropical.  The perfect remedy for a drippy day! 🙂