Goat babies!

Zinnia had a boy and a girl on May 23. Gracie had a girl and a boy on June 6. Here they all are:

Zinnia's son, Jolly Jumper (left); Gracie's daughter, Cosmos of Joy (reincarnation of Joyjoy)

Zinnia's daughter, Hollyhock

Gracie's son, Jupiter

State of the ‘stead

In early February we went to Orlando, courtesy of Mark’s parents. One day was spent here:

For the rest of the photos, go to http://gallery.blackberryhollowfarm.com/p1025614710

When we returned, I had a lot of planting to catch up on. Here’s the list so far:

February 13 – Onions and shallots (Copra, Red Bull, Candy, Bonilla) in greenhouse
February 22 – Broccoli (Fiesta, Thompson), cabbage (Danish Ballhead), and leeks (Giant Musselburgh) in greenhouse
March 3 – Celery (Giant Red) in greenhouse
March 9 – Tomatoes (Beaver Lodge, Cordova, Frazier’s Gem, Gill’s All Purpose, Heinz 2653, Old German, Oregon Spring, Persimmon, Sweet Million), tomatillos (Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry, Mexican Strain), hot peppers (Early Jalapeno, Habanero, Holy Mole, Mulato Isleno, Relleno Chile, Big Jim), and lettuce (Salad Bowl) in greenhouse
March 10 – Peas (Canoe) and two rows of spinach (Spaulding) in a raised bed (had to stop due to downpour)
March 14 – The remaining rows of spinach (Spaulding) in a raised bed

Today I need to pot up the cabbage and broccoli, and snip any onions that are over three inches high.

I’m pretty sure that both Gracie and Zinnia are pregnant. Prancer is just a sweetie. All three goats have been assiduously testing the garden fences and, as a result, have been confined to their enclosure/playground until Mark and I can correct our obvious mistakes. 😉 Not that they mind, what with the weather being so biblical lately. Madeline lets them out to browse and plays with them during the sun breaks.

Two of our ducks went missing at exactly the same time. Either a pair of predators got them, or they’ve gone to the underbrush to be broody. I will know one way or the other by the first week of April.

We bought three lovely Buff Orpington hens from a nearby acquaintance. That brings the hen total to eight. Rob likes his new ladies. 😉

New song

Prancer on the log

King of the Log (until Zenyatta/Zinnia butts him off)

Prancer The Dancer
by Madeline (age 10), sung to the tune of “Joxer the Mighty”

Prancer the Dancer
Roams through the hollow
His mommy to follow
Looking for things to swallow

Drinking milk and taking naps
Sitting in his peoples’ laps
He’s Prancer, he’s Prancer the Dancer!

Prancer on Madeline's back

Inspiring the songwriter