Back from the Oregon Coast

My family took a much-needed vacation on the scenic Oregon Coast in early July, but not before I made more strawberry jam – bringing the grand total to 13 pints. 🙂  I also froze 2 quarts to use in the Thanksgiving and Christmas strawberry salads.  We arrived home last Friday to an herb garden explosion, so I’ll be heading out the door soon to tame the sage, parsley, and chives.  I also plan to cut the celery into manageable chunks and freeze it, since my primary use for it is in soups and other cooked dishes.

Two of the seven remaining ducks have turned out to be drakes.  Being rouens, it’s easy to tell now that they have their “nuptial” plumage.  As far as the four black runners and the buff mystery are concerned, I think I’m going to have to wait a few more weeks to see if any of them develop some curled tail feathers.  Oh well, as long as they don’t fight, I’ll be happy to keep all the boys; they are excellent slug patrollers and quite entertaining. 😉

My goodness!

Five eggs today!  Granted, two of them were miniature, courtesy of the the newly-minted pullets.  Still, that’s pretty good for only 11 hours of light.  This brings the February egg tally to 21 so far. 🙂