Fairies and fun

My children and I have been participating in the kinderGARDENS project over at The Inadvertent Farmer. My ten-year-old started a fairy village, while my four-year-old became my garden helper. In the beginning, it was all about building and landscaping.

Fairy village 2

I still have to ask her how long that path took to make...

Next came one more house, a post office, and some flower seeds.

Nemophila (Baby Blue Eyes)

Meanwhile, my little garden helper decided that the strawberry beds were the most important of all, and that the resident bunnies needed a cake.

No weeds in the strawberries, Mommy!

The fairy village was in a very shady location, but it began to look like something was growing.

Despite the shade in an already cool summer, my ten-year-old discovered that “If you build it, they will come”.

Tripping the slightly goat-bumped path

My four-year-old discovered that helping mommy has it’s rewards, and that good things come directly from the soil.

It's the best tomato ever, Mommy!

Look at all the potatoes, Mommy!

The fairy village didn’t see much in the way of flowers this year. However, there was an abundance of blackberries for a feast.

Plans are already afoot to expand and relocate the fairy village next year. We’re thinking alpine strawberries would be a good fairy crop. 😉

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