Weeding for a bunnycake

My four-year-old likes to help me in the garden:

No weeds in the strawberries, Mommy!

While we were pulling weeds, we got to talking, as you do, about what sort of cake the wild bunnies who thrive here would like. I told her that bunnies really like leafy weeds and parsley, so she decided to make a bunnycake:

All cakes have to have flour and sugar, Mommy!

At least she remembered the weeds and parsley… 😉

I hope the bunnies liked it...

New song

Prancer on the log

King of the Log (until Zenyatta/Zinnia butts him off)

Prancer The Dancer
by Madeline (age 10), sung to the tune of “Joxer the Mighty”

Prancer the Dancer
Roams through the hollow
His mommy to follow
Looking for things to swallow

Drinking milk and taking naps
Sitting in his peoples’ laps
He’s Prancer, he’s Prancer the Dancer!

Prancer on Madeline's back

Inspiring the songwriter