Where has the time gone?

I really admire these homesteaders who can blog so often and in such an engaging way.  My editing gig really sucks up my child-free computer time.  The good news is that the editing gig – which I do as a volunteer – will be on someone else’s plate starting next month.  Maybe then I can update this thing more regularly.

Our homestead is on the path of at least one bald eagle.  Unfortunately, said eagle has enjoyed an uninvited duck and drake dinner here.  On the plus side, the remaining ducks have learned the rooster’s “Danger!” crow and take cover when they hear it.

Looking for supper

Last week my husband took pictures of our two goats playing around – and in – the chicken coop.  I’m especially glad he did, because the smaller of the two, Joyjoy, had an accident two days ago and died.  Ordinarily, as with any beloved pet, we would have waited to get another, but goats are herd animals and can’t live happily alone.  Gracie, the remaining twin, is due to have her first kids next month, but it would have been cruel to make her wait until then for companionship.  Luckily, Gracie and Joyjoy’s breeder still has faith in us, and yesterday we brought home Zenyatta, Gracie’s cousin and old friend.  I’ll post photos of her when my husband takes them.

Joyjoy the Rascal

Joyjoy and her Best Friend Forever