Busy, busy, busy…

Mothering, harvesting, homeschooling, editing, cleaning, building, mending, learning, and just plain living have occupied all of my time since my last entry.  The big news is that we now have milk goats!  Twin doelings Gracie and Joyjoy (from Herron Hill Farm) are 75% La Mancha and 25% Nubian.  We will breed Gracie to one of the Herron Hill Nigerian Dwarfs when she comes into heat.  Joyjoy is still very small, so we will wait to breed her.  They are both very sweet and think my eldest daughter hung the moon.  It’s like having a pet that’s a cross between a dog and a deer.

Joyjoy and Gracie

We’re back up to eight ducks.  We bought a trio of Saxonys from a nice fellow in Kingston.  The female/male ratio is 1 to 1, but that doesn’t make one of the runners happy (we’ve named him Macho), so we’re looking to get two additional girls as soon as we’re a wee bit more flush.  At the moment, the ducks are laying an average of three eggs per day, which is excellent timing because the chickens are molting.

Doin' the duck thing

On the gardening front, I flunked potatoes and corn, due to soil trouble that will not happen again, but I got full marks for strawberries, beans, and greens.  Blackberries were disappointing for us this year due to the unfavorable confluence of rain and ripening; green berries were rotting on the brambles!  Tomatoes are always a gamble around here, but I got a fair amount of red goodness from the outdoor vines before the weather turned too cool.  The greenhouse tomatoes are still producing.  I’ve cover cropped with hairy vetch, fava beans, and New Zealand white clover, and fenced in the beds to keep the chickens away until I need them to dig.  Lettuce and vit are still happy outside (though not for long).  I planted Egyptian Walking and Yellow Multiplier onions a few weeks ago, along with my own garlic.  All the beds either have something edible still in them, or are cover cropped, so I’m hoping for even better results next year.

Now to start taming the house chaos before guests arrive for Thanksgiving this Thursday! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy…

  1. I absolutely adore goats. Your two are quite beautiful. Good work on the garden production. It sounds like you had a largely successful season and are set to move smoothly into the next garden year.


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