The frogs tell me it’s Spring

It must be Spring, because the frogs have been singing their courtship songs for over a week now.  The chickens are averaging 6 eggs a day.  In the herb garden, the garlic is up, as are the chives, and the lemon balm is showing new growth.  In the vegetable garden, the Dakota peas have finally started to emerge, along with the Olympia spinach.  In the greenhouse, all the tomatoes have come up except Gill’s All Purpose, but I’ll give that another day or two.  The Copra onion seedlings will need clipping soon, and nearly everything else I started has begun to sprout.  The coolest thing, though, is what greeted me this afternoon as I opened the greenhouse door to bring in the seed potatoes for chitting.  The Meyer lemon blossoms have begun to open, and the fragrance is heady – sweet and tropical.  The perfect remedy for a drippy day! 🙂

One thought on “The frogs tell me it’s Spring

  1. I love to hear the frogs sing. There is something mystical and ancient about their annual spring breeding songfest. I have a few tree frogs in the area that sing occassionally but do not have a nearby water feature to bring out the chorus of frogs.

    I have seen some stirrings on the pea patch too – but not quite en emergence yet. The seeds are swelling and causing “bumps” in the soil so I know they will be popping soon, especially if we get a little sunshine and warmer conditions today (Sunday 3/29). Started my snap peas yesterday in peat strips and put them on the heat mat to germinate, so they will catch up with the Dakota peas I planted directly in the garden. The snap peas are grown on a vertical support and there are far less of them – so I like to start them indoors to ensure good germination and a full row under the grow support structure.

    I am so jealous of the Meyer Lemon! What a great smell from citrus blossoms – I can imagine how heavenly that was to walk into the greenhouse and smell that perfume in the air.


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