Today I dug up some of my horseradish for the first time.  Thinking I only needed a little bit, I picked a small root.  Well, once I’d peeled and grated it, I couldn’t help but notice that the sinus-clearing pungency was sorely lacking.  Since I dug up said root for the delectation of my heat-addicted father-in-law in the first place, I realized that would never do.  So, back to the patch I went to dig up a more hardened, sizeable root.  This time, peeling and pulverizing produced the necessary tearing of my ducts – though no clearing of my eight-year-old’s vexy sinuses.  The ultimate test will be said father-in-law’s addition of the shreddings to mayonnaise later this evening.  Stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “Horseradish

  1. I have never grown horseradish. I am probably the only one in my family that even eats it and even then — only on rare occassions with prime rib! But out of curiousity – I am wondering how hard it is to grow. Might be worth it just for the sinus clearing properties. 😉


  2. Hmmm… so maybe if I had a spot that was apart from the rest of the garden and was thus not using up any of my valuable raised bed space, I could pop some in and let it go. Does it require full sun or can it get by with something slightly less (like asparagus – which loves full sun but will do okay on about 5 hours of sun a day)?


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