It begins with mutant potatoes

This journal is going to be about my attempts to produce as much of our food as possible, make do, or do without.  In a word, modern-day homesteading in South Kitsap County, WA.

I’m feeling rather encouraged by the potatoes I’ve dug up thus far.  I filled a storage tote with Yukon Gold and Red Cloud last weekend, with another 4’x8′ bed of Butte to go.  We ate the half bed of Caribe earlier.  The surprise was the Red Cloud variety.  Not only did they grow quite large, some of them grew quite – odd.

I plan to dig up the Buttes tomorrow.  Taming the Lemon Balm is also on my list, as is weeding the Tristar strawberry bed.  Maybe I’ll even play with my new scythe.

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